Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where are the Violent White Neighborhoods

Missouri Synod said...

Did I say I meant that at you Pastor Robb? No. I was talking to Anon. Who seems to have a geniune fear of black people. Funny though you like to stereotype minorities but if I stereotype SOME Southern people then I get rebuked. How did you know I was talking about Southerners in the first place if these things are not true? What is the matter with what I said? Can't take a little ribbing?

Dear Missouri Synod:
You asked me "How did you know I was talking about Southerners in the first place, if these things are not true." Well Mr. Missouri Synod, you admit in the 2nd sentence that you were stereotyping SOME Southern people. How did I know, simply because THAT is precisely the image that has been created by the liberal media. I have lived in the South for almost 40 years and have not meant any Southerners who are of the image you described. You are simply mouthing the description given to you by Hollywood, television and the major media. The same ones who also attack Christianity and trash Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

Missouri Synod: I am still waiting to hear where these violence white neighborhoods are?

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Lutheran said...

I said the reason that minorities commit more crimes:

"That is because of bad parenting, evil influences such as drugs, gangs, gangsta rap music, ect. If you are dirt poor, on welfare and all you see is drug dealers with money and drugs as quick way to make cash. What kind of influence is that? What kind of influence is rap music that glorifies this type of lifestyle?"

This type of garbage gives people the mindset that they cannot make it in this world. Just like you do with your followers. Tell me how many of your followers have college degrees? How many of them do not live in a trailer? If you really want to help your cause you would tell your people to get an education but you do not want that because they will have nothing to do with you after that. The only person holding anyone back is themselves!