Friday, October 16, 2009

Those "nasty" Police Picking on Innocent Negroes - again!

Here we go again. Another Negro is claiming that they are just one more of the many innocent victim of police brutality. And the story is always the same. They were just being good little Negroes when they were pounded upon by nasty white racists.

In 2007 a disturbance was created at a Wal-Mart store when Heather Ellis, a 20 year old Negress, cut in line and some people objected. She has made the claim that she was just trying to get to the front of the line where her cousin was at. Some believe that is bogus.

When tired shoppers complained and said something about her cutting in line, her reaction, according to the police was belligerent, loud, abusive and littered with obscenities. This resulted in her arrest.

There have been demonstrations and marches in support of Ellis. As one of the marchers approached, a Kennett City police officer showed the Ellis family a "KKK" card that he said had allegedly been distributed in the area and he wanted to warn them about it. However the Ellis family immediately saw this as an opportunity to enhance the charges of racism against the Kennett police department claiming the officer was only using the card in an attempt to scare and intimidate them. This is outright childish behavior! The cop was trying to be nice and supportive and look what he is getting for being a good citizen.

So now we are being told that the nice black girl is another victim of the Klan, law enforcement and other nasty racists.

Click here for the news story:,0,6652307.story

It is interesting that in order to "juice" up the story, they are claiming Klan involvement. The fact is there is no Klan involvement. It is the police that is being accused of brutality against this Wonderful African America who may have accidentally stepped on some toes of nasty white people while trying to get to the front of the line.

Any way you might find the blog entry about "police brutality" interesting. Click the police tag.


Froggy Williams said...

*Sigh* These police will get in trouble and not the criminal negro, and everyone is going to call them Racists, just for doing their jobs, and everyone will treat this bad-guy like a Hero and the police men like dirt and scum, that's our country anymore *Sigh* I wish it was the old days when you could do something (Such as arresting a Black) and not be called a Racist, or a Biggot

Anonymous said...

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