Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Much Longer do I have to Wait?

Missouri Synod said...
Mr. Anon who cannot even come up with a clever title for himself has answered your question.

"Violence has occurred everywhere."That says it all. You just choose to point out the color. Funny how you never said anything about the majority of prison inmates being white. There are just as many whites who commit awful crimes such as murder, rape, ect. Even most serial killers are white."

Reply from Thomas Robb
Dear Missouri Synod.
I know you want to have the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you prove to yourself that you are not an evil racist. But the statement you make that white’s commit just as many violent crimes as blacks is blatantly untrue. Below is a graft from the Prison Policy Initiative. Keep in mind that Blacks make up only about 13 % of the population.
Missouri Synod, you should not make a claim that is so easily disproven. By the way I am still waiting to find out where all those violent white communities are at.

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