Thursday, October 29, 2009


While returning from the White Christian Heritage Festival in Pulaski, Tennessee we stopped to visit with Bill Rolen and his wife in Memphis. Bill Rolen is a co-host of the Political Cesspool radio program.

Shelby of Heritage Connection Band (far right) is shown here having fun with friends.

While in Memphis we walked to the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was shot. It is now a civil rights museum.

Shelby and Charity of Heritage Connection "hanging out" with friends.

Rachel Pendergraft speaking to a small gathering of friends Saturday night after the festival.

Heritage Connection Band being interviewed by a TV news crew from Japan.

The same news team is interviewing me at the festival.

Heritage Connection singing at the White Christian Heritage Festival.

People visiting a booth at the Festival.


Anonymous said...

Islam the false religion

Anonymous said...

This is not the perfect place for this comment, but here goes!

Cher's child, born a woman, has now become a "man."

Well, there's one thing her surgeons cannot change -- her skeleton. She will always have a female skeleton.

Should archaeologists of a future time unearth her skeletal remains, they would certainly classify her as a female.

Anonymous said...

This just proves liberalism is not good for the mind. How confused that girl must be to want to do something like that.

Lutheran said...

Look at the bright side Weird Al Yankovich can make a parody of Cher's song now.

"Do you believe in life as man?" LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought Hillary Clinton would do it first.

Anonymous said...

WERE those people asia
(this is a rhetorical question)

Anonymous said...

Ow, I see some ASIANS managed to slip into these photos without you saying anything HATEFUL about them! Maybe there is hope for the future...

Photos could use a little more contrast though i.e. black people.

NCKnight said...

The Asians to whom you refer are Japanese journalists who were there to cover the festival for Japanese TV. It might also interest you to know that the Japanese (and also the Chinese) have (to their credit) always been VERY racially aware. I am firmly convinced that this is why both China and Japan are the only two nonwhite nations that are prospering today, while all other nonwhite nations are basically Third World cesspools!