Thursday, October 15, 2009


Using ad hominem attacks against us is common for people who can not rely on facts or logic. An example is in the comment below by Lutheran, (although I have my doubts that it is the same Lutheran who has posted here in the past). I believe THIS Lutheran is actually Missouri Synod. The reason I say it is Missouri Synod is because HE is the one which made the statement about "bad parenting etc." (Oct 13) and not Lutheran.

Here is "Lutheran's" comment
I said the reason that minorities commit more crimes:

"That is because of bad parenting, evil influences such as drugs, gangs, gangsta rap music, ect. If you are dirt poor, on welfare and all you see is drug dealers with money and drugs as quick way to make cash. What kind of influence is that? What kind of influence is rap music that glorifies this type of lifestyle?"This type of garbage gives people the mindset that they cannot make it in this world. Just like you do with your followers. Tell me how many of your followers have college degrees? How many of them do not live in a trailer? If you really want to help your cause you would tell your people to get an education but you do not want that because they will have nothing to do with you after that. The only person holding anyone back is themselves!

But regardless who posted it, their mendacity is inexcusable. Rather than presenting argumentation that has provocative thoughts they simply attempt to attack the character of the person.

In 1985 I did an interview with sociologist professor James Aho (photo left) of the University of Idaho. In the interview he told me that he had conducted over 500 interviews with various people in the white nationalist movement. He was doing research for a book which was eventually published and titled The Politics of Righteousness.

Aho said that before he began the research for his book, he accepted the media’s description of those involved in the white nationalist cause as being poorly educated, low income and living in trailer parks or "tar paper shack." He said, however, that after conducting a plethora of interviews he concluded that the truth is the exact opposite. The average person was better educated and had a higher living standard higher that the national median.

Of course the same ones who twisted the honest truth about those who oppose abortion, promote sodomy, attack traditional marriage, malign home schooling and trash Jesus Christ are the same ones who want to portray those who embrace racial integrity as being uneducated and backward. Unthinking parrots than mouth the words they hear in the media of mass deception.

Now the words spoken between James Aho and myself in 1985 are lost excepted for in the ears of Aho and myself. However, a glimpse of these same kind of remarks was made in an Associated Press story in 1985 by Rick Greenberg. I have this article in my file and his remarks are strikingly similar to the statement he made to me earlier that same year. In this article Aho says that the average person in the white nationalist movement was "much better educated than the average American." He also said that there were many who were "very, very educated." and "They are not crazy and they are not stupid."
PS: Missouri Synod - Where are the violent white neighborhood? Don't be bashful - just tell us where they are!


Missouri Synod said...

Duh I did! What do you want out of me? Violence is everywhere. Go to any low income white neighborhood and tell me there is no crime.

Missouri Synod said...

Please!!! How many of your members are doctors or lawyers or CEOS? How many of them do not work at fast food restaurants or retail? You are a liar. How many of them actually have a high school diploma? You even said on your website that this was a big complaint to those who want to join. So you are contradicting yourself! You say Klansmen are educated but those who want to join the Klan obviously are not!

Anthony White said...

I happen to have a graduate degree and a high level position in my company. I agree with Pastor Rob and the movement. I have many well educated friends that have the same beliefs as well.

The flaw in Missouri Synod's argument, and many like him, is they believe that the poverty, crime, and drugs in black neighborhoods is the cause of their problems. It is not. It is the symptom.

Bad neighborhoods do not create the culture. The culture creates the bad neighborhoods. When these very same neighborhoods were populated with white inhabitants, these problems did not exist. When the demographics shift, the problem occurs. It is simple cause and effect. It is repeatable over and over. If the scientific method were used to do an experiment, and statistics were used to develop a correlation coefficient, you would find a clear relationship.

Until people can recognize and understand the problem, an appropriate solution will never be realized.