Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missouri Synod - Admits Deception!

So apparently I was right the post listed as from "Lutheran" was actually from Missouri Synod. Here he admits the deception.

Missouri Synod said...

Duh I did! What do you want out of me? Violence is everywhere. Go to any low income white neighborhood and tell me there is no crime.
October 15, 2009 5:16 PM

There you go again, Missouri Synod! Where are these violent white neighborhoods. You are starting to embarrass your self. Please don't write any more comments on this blog until you "give us the goods!" Where are these violent white communities at? You tell us they are easy to find - where are they?

The issue is not a neighborhood without crime, because crime happens everywhere! The issue is violent neighborhoods - places that are best to avoid when the sun goes down.

Where are these violent white communities? The fact is you shot off your mouth and can't produce.

Where are they at?

Missouri Synod said...
Please!!! How many of your members are doctors or lawyers or CEOS? How many of them do not work at fast food restaurants or retail? You are a liar. How many of them actually have a high school diploma? You even said on your website that this was a big complaint to those who want to join. So you are contradicting yourself! You say Klansmen are educated but those who want to join the Klan obviously are not!

Ok! Where on our web site do we say that our members have a hard time obtaining a high school diploma? Are you being mendacious?

So there are two things you need to do.

1) tell us where these violent white neighborhoods are at, and
2) where on our website does it say there is a big complaint about getting a high school diploma?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Missouri Synod! Admit it - you can't name one single violent white neighborhood and that is why you keep dodging the questions. It is becoming obvious that you have fallen and can't get up!

Missouri Synod said...

VIOLENCE OCCURS EVERYWHERE! How many times do I have to say it? I know you KKKlowns cannot read very well. As for the high school diploma thing. I take that back. I thought it did say that on your website. I seen that a couple of years ago I thought it was this site. I guess I was wrong. I got a little suggestion if you want to attract more visitors to your site: You should get rid of the two girls who sound like they are strangling a cat with the guitars.

Froggy Williams said...

Ha ha, you just owned Missouri Synod....
Also isn't Jason Robb a lawyer?

Missouri Synod said...

OH gee! maybe you got one over on me Anon. Boy you KKKlowns are so smart. Ok I cannot name a single violent white neighborhood. Go burn a cross in celebration! LOL