Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is Getting Old!

I don't know how many times we have asked Missouri Synod to name just one violent white community and every time he comes up with another lame attempt to avoid the question.

I think I can conclude that Missouri Synod is full of hot air!

After being asked yet again this is his reply

Missouri Synod said. . .

VIOLENCE OCCURS EVERYWHERE! How many times do I have to say it? I know you KKKlowns cannot read very well. As for the high school diploma thing. I take that back. I thought it did say that on your website. I seen that a couple of years ago I thought it was this site. I guess I was wrong. I got a little suggestion if you want to attract more visitors to your site: You should get rid of the two girls who sound like they are strangling a cat with the guitars.

I have given Missouri Synod ample opportunity to tell us where all these violent white Communities are at and he continually fails to provide the information. He stated that he could name a violent white community and when asked to name one - he said Chicago!

That was the best he could do? When he was asked WHERE in Chicago he became as speechless as - "Well, Missouri Synod - sorry no cigar!"

Below is Missouri Synod scouting for a violent white community. He is quoted as saying, "I know there is one out there somewhere!"

Oh Missouri Synod - you're such a silly monkey!
But I have to be honest with you, Missouri Synod, you are starting to bore me. After you boasted that you could tell where all these violent white communities were at, we gave you one simple assignment. Tell us were they are. In fact tell us where even ONE was at.
Shame on you!
Well, I think it is time to move on. Your failure to prove your point has in fact PROVEN ours.
Go hang your head in shame!
I hope you enjoyed your "15 minutes." Please don't bother us again until you are ready to present your ideas with logic and fact instead of your unusual ad hominems.
No one will be impressed with you until you can present reasonable arguments. Name calling impresses no one!


Anonymous said...

You ain't exactly mature with this matter. Pastor of the church should have shown a lot more restraint on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: I think you are mistaken. Pastor Robb seldom engages in a discussion forum like this. Spend some time looking over his blog and you will see that this is the case. But I think it is valuable to us when he does. If you will study his replies you will see that he does not slander people or call them names. But he does offer to us an opportunity to see how to handle people who have serious questions.

For example in this case with Missouri Synod, Pastor Robb never once slandered him but simply was willing to engage in a friendly discussion which is viewed by many people. I have learned from watching this little debate that it is important not to get derailed. Pastor Robb kept the “heat” on Missouri Synod, “Where are the violent white neighborhoods?” I never thought about that before. In the past when I mention black crime and the violence in black neighborhoods, I was always on the defensive. But watching this little debate I saw how Pastor Robb skillfully put the focus on Missouri Synod. Instead of trying to defend the statement about violence in black neighborhoods, he simply said OK where are the violent White Communities.

When Missouri Synod attempted to dodge the issue with other statements or making fun of White Nationalists claiming they are uneducated etc. Pastor Robb never once got side tracked. He always stayed on target, “Where are the violent white neighborhoods.”

Pastor Robb did EXACTLY what a pastor is suppose to do. He put himself into the fray and taught us by example how to deal with people.

I don’t think it was really an attempt to change Missouri Synod, but rather to help those people who are viewing the blog and who are thinking about these issues.