Friday, October 16, 2009


Missouri Synod said...

Well sir I have a buddy at the Arkansas Times who happens to be the editor. Good friend from college you see. So you can either print the comments on here or he will do a story about your organization and its past. Show the truth about you, David Douche, and Black. Don't worry loser you got Jackoff Robb the lawyer to sue us if we say anything bad. Otherwise it will be definition of character. Guess what you just did. You made the wrong enemy buddy. I am going to make it my goal to slam your organization every chance I get and I got the money and the friends to do so. Bring attention to who you really are.

Hmm! the liberal media of mass deception is going to print distorted information about the Klan. Gosh! I don't think that this has ever happened before.

Mr. Missouri Synod: Actually I wasn't trying to make an enemy. I was just asking where the violent white neighborhoods were. I just wanted to make sure that the next time I or any of my family travel out of town we didn't accidentally get off the wrong exit of the freeway and end up in one of those violent white neighborhoods - especially at night!

Don't be so testy! You're crying like a little girl.

Golly! It seemed like just yesterday (WAIT! it was yesterday!) you wrote:

"No I do not hate you. Honestly, I feel honored you did a post about me and my comments. Thank you my beloved Christian brother."

Anyway, your "15 minutes" is over. Good bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi could you please explain what you mean when you say "perserve our heritage"

Froggy Williams said...

Hi could you please explain what you mean when you say "perserve our heritage"

I think what that means is by Praying school, being able to be free (Because anymore we are losing freedom) and trying to keep our culture safe because it is at risk (Because we have so many people trying to turn us into Atheists and other religions)