Friday, October 23, 2009

White Christian Heritage Festival

We are leaving this morning for Pulaski, Tenn for the annual White Christian Heritage Festival. So I won't be available to post on my blog or to monitor any comments. The festival is held each October. It seems everyone is told to have pride in their race, but the moment a white person talks about racial pride they are called haters, bigots and racists.


Anonymous said...

Technically there isn't anything wrong with having pride in one's heritage, it's just that when with the stigma of racism that is etched in white race, it becomes a sign of shame. If you really want to try promote white heritage; do so without mentioning the so-call "inferiority" of the other races. It may benefit you in the long run. As far as negroes doing it, nearly 5 centuries of enslavement, oppression, and terrorism that fell upon them, it's little wonder why they would vouch for their own race: it's all they really have.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Missouri Synod will go.

Anonymous said...

Hotel owner hounded for telling his workers to speak English around him.