Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missouri Synod in the Spotlight

There is someone who is posting comments on this blog who uses the name Missouri Synod. He seems like a sincere person but yet severely handicapped by white guilt. I have decided to put Missouri Synod in the spotlight where he can present his case to a wider range of people.

An anonymous poster challenged Missouri Synod to name a violent white neighborhood. At which Missouri Synod suggested Chicago, claiming there are many white neighborhoods in Chicago where there is crime, drugs and violence.

Anonymous replied
Chicago? What kind of wacky weed are you smoking? Where in Chicago is this WHITE neighborhood that is violent? Mind you I did not say where violence does not occur. Violence has occurred everywhere. I am asking you to name a violent NEIGHBORHOOD! Have you or anyone you have known been careful that you don't accidentally end up in white neighborhood?
October 13, 2009 11:04 PM

Missouri Synod replied.
Whatever guy. Hey lets meet somewhere and I will physically show you ok? Because you are not going to be satisfied. Yeah, I can see you driving through a black neighborhood, "OH MY GOD! THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE HERE! NOOOOO! LOCK THE DOORS. DUCK DOWN IN CASE THEY SHOOT AT US. ANNA BELLE, KEEP DOWN THEY MAY TRY TO RAPE YOU. JIM BOB GRAB THE 12 GAUGE! ITS IN THE BACK WINDOW OF THE TRUCK! OH NO THEY JUST MADE ME SWALLOW MY CHEWING TABBACI! AHHHHH! I SEE BLACKS! THERE EVERYWHERE! I AM SCARED!" LOL What a coward you are! There are good black people!

Well Mr. Missouri Synod, I am going to put you in the spotlight. I know you are sincere and I trust that you are most likely a good person. I certainly do not intend to attack your character or intelligence. It is simply that you are a product of a Sesame Street mentality. Television, Hollywood, Globalism and new age religious doctrine has severed you from the old paths that had guided our people for thousands of years. We are told in Jeremiah 6:16:

"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein."

Because Missouri Synod and others like him refuse to walk in the old paths given to us by the Lord, our nation is facing multiple examples of heartache.

Missouri Synod, you were asked to name a violent white community and the best you could come up with was Chicago claiming there are white neighborhoods in Chicago that are full of drugs, crime and violence. You were asked to please tell WHERE one of these white neighborhoods was at and your reply was "Whatever guy."

Then you went into a silly story of some imaginary southerners who were caught in a black neighborhood and then end your little story with "What a coward you are! There are good black people!" Which brings me to a slight side note. Do you think you are better than southerners? Also do you think southerners are uneducated and ignorant? And what kind of Christian spirit is that?

But be that as it may, I am from Detroit so your little dig at southern people is not valid with me.

So Missouri Synod, the world is waiting! You are in the spotlight and everyone who reads this blog and who AGREES with you is waiting for you to put us in our place. You are their champion!

What an awesome opportunity you have to embarrass us all in front of all your fans.

So tell me where is this violent white community? Oh and yes there are many good black people, who on this blog said there wasn’t and there are many bad white people. You can’t judge a community by the actions of one or two nice people you know. That is about as idiotic as saying "I have never been bitten by a rattle snake therefore I conclude all rattlesnakes are harmless."

So Missouri Synod the remark "Whatever guy!" is not sufficient and the question remains unanswered. "Where is this violent white community?" I really need to know as I would not want to accidentally get into one of these violent white communities. It is your Christian duty to warn me! Because even though we may disagree on some things I trust you still love me as a Christian brother in the Lord.

I will post your anwer on my blog so others may be warned also!


Missouri Synod said...

Did I say I meant that at you Pastor Robb? No. I was talking to Anon. Who seems to have a geniune fear of black people. Funny though you like to stereotype minorities but if I stereotype SOME Southern people then I get rebuked. How did you know I was talking about Southerners in the first place if these things are not true? What is the matter with what I said? Can't take a little ribbing?

Missouri Synod said...

Mr. Anon who cannot even come up with a clever title for himself has answered your question.

"Violence has occured everywhere."

That says it all. You just choose to point out the color. Funny how you never said anything about the majority of prison inmates being white. There are just as many whites who commit awful crimes such as murder, rape, ect. Even most serial killers are white.

Missouri Synod said...

"I trust you still love me as a Christian brother in the Lord."

No I do not hate you. Honestly, I feel honored you did a post about me and my comments. Thank you my beloved Christian brother.

Froggy Williams said...

Missouri Synod doesn't get it. In the previous comments, one of which he said "Who treats you like crap, you're white?" umm, let's see, how about the Jewish, or The Racist Blacks who go on television and talk about how "Evil the white man is" or "how white people opress them" this idiot is obviously blinded by the crap hollywood and the Government try to pull. That idiot also tried saying "Dirt poor or on walfare" (Referring to black neighbourhoods) well, they are on walfare and are dirt poor because they don't want to work, it's easier to get a check from the government than it would be to actually do something, and as for "The bad parenting" yeah, why do you think that is? And also, I never said all Blacks, Jews, or Hispanics were bad, just most of them, I work with a black man who lives in a Ghetto-esque place, and he talks about the crimes there, if something happens, he would tell us about it the next day, and it seems like everyday he has a new story, you see, he is one of the good black people, he doesn't say bad about the white people, I don't care what anyone says about me. Thomas Robb can even tell you of how these people act in their own neighbourhoods, and I also don't get how black slaves were "Opressed" whenever they were Criminals in their country (Gee, nothing changed much). All i can say is say whatever you want about me, i don't care, as i was also saying i could swear that Thomas robb had once posted about black neighbourhoods, and how Blacks fear other blacks. Also going back to "Who treats you like crap?" ok, here's more, Public Schools who teach Gay Marriages (Yes there are second graders forced to read trash), Schools that teach "Two thanksgiving one american one mexican" and the other things teach us "There is no God" notice how whenever there was prayer in School, and people were (Smart enough to be) Christians, everything was better, and you didn't get what you wanted just by crying Race against the white man

Anonymous said...

Well Missouri Synod we are still waiting

Anonymous said...

This whole website is embarrassing. If you're still trying to preach the idea that "white people are better than black people" you're wasting your time. If you were a true christian you wouldn't be saying things like that. So, in essence, not only are you ignorant, but you're also a hypocrite. How sad.

Missouri Synod said...

First Mr. Williams you said this:

Also, about it being "Hispanic month" it gives us a reason to celebrate Violence in schools, imported drugs, and a sky-rocket of murders

Now you say: "I never said all Blacks, Jews, or Hispanics were bad, just most of them,"

"Just most of them" yeah that says alot about you. You are a hatemonger. You judge people by the color of their skin. It is not even just most of them. If you took the time to get to know people instead of living in fear you might get to know some very nice people.

As for the schools comment. I agree with you. That is why my "little Missouri Synod's" go to private schools. It takes some sacrifice yes but it is better for them in the long run.

As for you being oppressed that is all in your sick little mind. Can you go out and get a job and still be all you can be in this country. Yes. Funny I went to college and work at a Jewish hospital and I never feel oppressed. I am paid well and treated with respect. Because I earned it. The only one oppressing you Mr. Williams is YOU! You and your self-hate are holding you back. IF you seek and follow the true Jesus things may get better in life.